Hooker River

David Gans

Livin’ on an island in the mighty Hooker River
Seems a little faster than it did just yesterday
We used to be afraid of falling in when we were children
Times I’ve wished I’d jumped and let it carry me away

Sometimes I can’t remember where I’m going
My inspiration slips away
Sometimes I’d like to be that river flowing
Then I’d know I’m going to make it home some day

Thunder on the ridgetop and the Hooker River coursin’
Sky is hangin’ low with clouds like smoke thrown up from hell
Devil knows the reason for my trouble with the weather
Lord knows where it’s comin’ from &endash; the rain that never fell


Walk along the riverside and hear the water working
Rage against the rapids rising higher every day
Ain’t no sense pretending I won’t have to beat it somehow
Tear my house down, build a raft, and ride it come what may


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